Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, that settles it

from Alexis Hauk, in today's Standard-Times, talking about some boat coming to Fall River to do "[a] fund-raiser for the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Museum... from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday..." Toward the middle:
Turner eventually donated the ship to the Fall River Chamber Foundation, which kept it sitting in Heritage Park from 1993 until 2001...
Tequila Party PatriotI must've been making up all that shit.
(Good thing I got to actually sail on those other ships!)


karie said...

How disappointing. Well, I like all of your stories about sailing to the Maritimes - their warm welcome, Charleston's cool culture, Key West dolphins and all that time in St.Pete. I guess this "news" writer didn't do proper homework...or maybe the revisionist historians really do win.

Ah, well... I can still enjoy your stories! And there WERE all of those other boats.

karie said...

I meant ships.

Anonymous said...

the same quote appears on the Bounty Discussion Board:

They're also looking for a new director.