Friday, July 30, 2010

NB: Something for everyone... puzzle over.
This is another SouthCoast Summer weekend planned without consulting a calendar or calling a colleague. Sure, there are official positions in the community who are contracted to coordinate arts and social events, but they apparently have the Summer off. The tradition of having everything happen on the same day or two adjacent days during the Summer remains unaltered. The positive side to this is that it diffuses the population throughout the municipality (the ones who leave their homes, anyway).
The whole of Ontario knows about the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. It's held every year to the chagrin of neighbors, in New Bedford's largest asphalt wok, "Madeira Field." Any teevee chef will tell you: "Stay along the sides, where it's cooler."
Also be sure to enjoy the Classic Rock that has become synonymous with this magical Portuguese-American celebration held in order to, acording to their website, "share in the rich Madeiran heritage and family values."

Loosely related but nevertheless co-opted into the Madeiran festivities, The TallShip™ Barquentine Gazela of Philadelphia will toss some lines to the State Pier, giving the tony Trustafarians on board the opportunity to earn "patronize the public" badges as required under the terms of the grant which mandates at least one made-up nautical term ("windsail" or "speckle shot" or "main smiteyard" are examples) and at least one entirely fictional account of a horrible storm. They are then required -- by Maritime Law -- to say that it's "the best experience of my whole life!" Do not suggest that "conditioner might help with that nest;" she'll probably own you some day.
New Bedford has so relentlessly branded Gazela as a "Portuguese TallShip™" that I wonder if I was only asked to work a couple of watches because I appeared to be a dark-haired marujo. I must admit that I did teach the Philadelphian on the crew a few well-delivered Portuguese cuss words.
Thrill to the perceptive commentary on this fine example of why YouTube™ shouldn't have audio:Perhaps the most popular distraction this weekend will be held at the Whale Hunting Museum that is a rapacious repository for Massachusetts Cultural Council monies. "Popular" among those Interneteers who have Google™Alerts for "herman melville," "moby-dick," and "stuff about whales or boats that I can put on my damp blog."
It's Herman Melville Family Day! Which has to be at some weekend date near to Melville's actual Birthday, August 1. And look at that: It's Sunday!
As found on an official NBWM marketing presentation -- or "blog" -- I share this demonstration of the consideration that's afforded the acclaimed author of the most important thing ever that only briefly mentions cannibalism in a racial context:
I didn't do this.I would have given the hat a rakish list to port. Does New Bedford know how to party? Or what?

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