Thursday, July 1, 2010

SummerFest Saved by AMAZING NEW Technology

UPDATE!!1!: Contrary to the assertion in the first paragraph of this bit, THE ONLY HOTEL EVER IN NEW BEDFORD (so we'll never get a room tax either) actually has NO VACANCIES this weekend. I would also like to personally commend the owners of High Road Marketing for the ONLY Summerfest Website that, in FIFTEEN YEARS, has held my interest and actually made any sense. That said...

According to the New Bedford The Standard-Times' Brian Boyd, this weekend's downtown festivities -- tiresome traditional and folk music on a hundred separate stages, tie-dye dresses and didgeridoo rainsticks on every corner -- will only occur due to The Google™ and Facebook. Never mind the new hotel (which still has some vacancies, I hear) In fact...

Prior to last year's festival, they created a fan page on Facebook, the popular social networking site. Their page has grown from 80 fans in the early days to nearly 600 now, said Alan Korolenko, who serves as artistic director, along with his wife, Helene.
"We have tried to ask people, 'How did you hear about it?' And a lot of it is word of mouth," Korolenko said.
"That is what Facebook is. It's a more organized way of word-of-mouth communication."
The couple recruited their daughter, Kate, to create the page, and Helene Korolenko administers it, he said.
"Their daughter Kate" -- whom I actually do know -- responded to my Facebook friend request with "WHO R YOU!? NO. OMG :( "
So, she obviously knew what she was doing when she "created" the page, which involves at least two mouseclicks and probably a cut-and-paste. (I "created" a "page" for a museum and a fake guy, so I know whereof I speak.) ANYONE can have a blog, a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter presence. There is neither magic nor skill involved; like everything else, it's designed so that America's self-impressed dilettantes and amateurs can continue to delude themselves about their competence while obliging their relentless narcissism.
And that explains my waning interest in social and most other forms of media.


Anonymous said...

"NBSummerfest" Twitter site has 18 followers. Because Twitter sucks. their last update was 6/29 and uses the word pergola.

Anonymous said...

New Bedford's marketing savvy at its finest. New Bedford journalism at its finest. And is happy to sell you a room in the sold-out hotel.

PJ said...

At $149 for the night. I wonder if they can give me a room facing the fireworks?

(Anonymous 6:36, Twitter NBSummerfest has 16 followers now. Has Twitter lost 11% of its users in the past 3 days?)

Happy Fourth!