Friday, August 13, 2010

The Journal's Fifth Anniversary and (brief) Return of...


  • I used to do this every Friday. No, not martial arts. Or even Soles'n'Bowls. Just share sometimes random observations that I had made over the preceding week that I didn't bother to further elucidate in the pages of this Journal.
  • That was when I was obsessively conscientious about providing content for Blogger™ to place between ads. Since I have no agreement with Blogger™ to do so, I'm free to not do so. And since The Impossible Journal has never in any way claimed to be a regular, professional, or journalistic outfit, just like the other 47,832,106 personal online journals, I make my own decisions about content.
  • At least I'm not a newsblog that must check with people before playing obvious whimsy.
  • According to my records -- and the "Previously" pin at the end of the port rail -- I've been at this for something like five years.
  • According to my own recollections however, sometime during the year 2004 I began this as a labored experiment in historical fiction. Members of the crew of the fictitious 18th Century Royal Navy vessel, H.M.S. Impossible wrote in their personal journals or letters home of the goings-on. Which mirror contemporary events.
  • Little of that original experiment is extant today. And a good thing too.
  • Where it lacked spontaneity, it relied on forced analogies and some squishy scholarship.
  • After deleting a crapload of pages -- something that I have recently chosen to never do again, for the sake of future generations -- H.M.S. Impossible returned as a series of bittersweet reminiscences about my time sailing and teaching on TallShips™, and one of those ships in particular although I should have given the others more page time.
  • That edition of H.M.S. Impossible was not like traditional wooden boat discussion boards or maritime bulletin boards or TallShip™ blogs. Those yachties and Patrick O'Brien fans don't appreciate the realities of power struggles with captains and boatswains on ships held together with duct tape because the lubbbers in charge had no idea how. And I wasn't enamored of those outlets and their relentlessly Pollyanna content about happy entitled rich kids in the Caribbean with their parents' money on 501(c)(3) schooners.
  • I admit that it's no great shakes visually, but with this unmoderated online journal format with no tremendously entitled or whitebread supervision, I could grouse almost daily about the horrid local radio stations. Oh, and I mused a lot about politics and teevee and waterfront festivals.
  • I grew tired of the boat mystique and on that day, I morphed the online presence into The Impossible Journal. And until Verizon™ and Google™ force me to pay for the privilege, I shall play incidental whimsy.
  • And pictures of girls on boats.
  • Is this Maureen O'Hara. Or Maureen O'Sullivan?
  • Before "thousands upon thousands" of you fill up the comments section below with congratulations -- or brutally deprecating recriminations -- on my Fifth or so anniversary, be aware that I have activated the First Amendment-fudging "Comment Moderation" feature. To demonstrate why I have done so, I have left the "Notes" section to last Thursday's entry intact (except for one later entry by Shamrock. It was welcome and charming, but I had closed the curtain and exited the theater).
  • And I've learned my lesson about not praising the success of something two days before it happens.
  • Thanks for all of your everything. Don't ever not.


Charles said...

It looks like the word verification thingy didn't prevent the robots from swearing at you last Thursday. Oh wait - they were swearing "for the children". I'm glad I missed the comments that came in following the festival. Reading them now has made me angry, and if I'd read them in time I probably would have acted childishly myself. On a bright note - soles'n'bowls has returned! Don't YOU ever not.

bitterandrew said...

"Girls on boats" is reason enough to stop by...

...for "the kids," I mean.

PJ said...

No, YOU don't, either!

However: I've made a huge mistake.
I should have proofread the head before publication. I fixed it, but it was misleading. Or confusing. Or something.

Thanks, Charles, for your support over the years. I'll do what I can to keep the sails full and the rudder ...uh ... whatever...

PJ said...

Andrew! Thanks!

Armagideon Time is always an inspiration. Even though I can't manage to sustain any regular feature.

Thank you for the Fake AP Stylebook. Since my faux-journalistic integrity has been called into question recently. It really removes any doubt.

Karie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on 5 (plus) years of online journaling! This summary of the evolution of your process is a great reflection. Remain unafraid.