Monday, August 16, 2010

Should be a National Holiday

The middle of August here on the SouthCoast.
In an odd economic irony, just after the Massachusetts Sales Tax-Free Weekend, the public school buses start rolling out to rehearse their routes. Are Back-To-School shoppers already looking for deals on Halloween treats, or are those signs some stab at retail humor? Impetuous Autumn attempts lame swipes at these dog days -- often for an hour at night, or on a dry afternoon -- but not much more than a stray red leaf or unexpected chill wind.
But the more pragmatic climate prevails. One can still expect hot and humid days, steamy nights and the threat of a storm -- either sudden and electric or something more smoldering, of more exotic disposition, and of unpredictable magnitude and effect.
Damn but if that doesn't sound like Julie Newmar.
Whose birthday, August 16, is reminder enough to cherish every warm and pleasant moment.

''I'm magnificent!''

I'm 5'11'' and I weigh 135 pounds, and...

''I look like a racehorse.''

(The presentation features photographs of Julie Newmar. Because it's her birthday.)


Dr. Momentum said...

I see someone used Photoshop to give the lady some gloves for her birthday. It's good that someone is looking out for her.

PJ said...

Thoughtful fashion-conscious fan, perhaps? Someone probably felt that an evening gown needed opera-length gloves. I should've hunted down the original.

Not for nothing: around here she's known as "JOO-LEE NOO-MAH."

ARTposts said...

I remember her especially in "L'il Abner" as Stupefyin' Jones!

PJ said...

Another round of kickapoo joy juice, then!