Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exclusive and Not Inclusive

To the devoted Historians of The Future -- those prepared with reading comprehension sacks and irony detectors, that is -- I feel obligated to explain a thing. At this moment in time and social upheaval, one is required to navigate a delicate and confrontational tangle in order to say anything without either offending someone or causing someone else to call you "socialist" because you're pussy-footing around with wording.
The carefree and the careless make no attempt at either:

It was enough of a challenge to change the term "whaling" to "whale-hunting." Now, we're back at the "whaleman/whaler" controversy. Assuredly, this new Gallery at the SouthCoast Whale-Hunting Multimedia Gallery and Gift Shop probably won't include any paintings or photographs of Azorean women wielding harpoons or flensing eubalaena glacialis.

Also of revulsive consideration: Members only get an hour without having to rub elbows with the commoners. Good thing that it's after Labor Day; one can wear the tweed with the patches to avoid such.


bitterandrew said...

The Azorean Whaleman is my favorite luchadore.

PJ said...

El Baleeiro Libre explained the pink of his costume by claiming that it "kept the wife from seeing the blood."