Monday, September 20, 2010

Goin' That Extra Fathom...

Just like I remember it. Except for the mosque.
Longtime devotees will remember the days when I was all crazy boatniky and whenever anything maritime crossed my bow, I would send up flags and flares and such and you would be treated to exhaustingly forced attempts at pertinance. Since there are so many others who do that -- generally in cloyingly cynical attempts to score more gear for their Port-A-Potty 28 -- The Impossible Journal no longer chases down each online instance of boaty merchandise or coastal cleverness.
On the other hand, I do enjoy dispensing good news about former neighborhood familiars.
Kevin P. O'Connor, of The Fall River The Herald News asssures us that the Borden Flats Lighthouse in the Taunton River has been purchased by a genuine lighthouse restorer who IS NOT the bankrupt self-promoting joker who wanted it to house a gimmicky brewhouse.
What we learn about Nick Korstead of Portland, Oregon, is that...

...Korstead, who lives in Portland, Ore., bought the lighthouse with his parents Craig and Cindy Korstead through the business they operate, US Lighthouse Establishment. The group has bought and renovated lighthouses in the past. It maintains a website chronicling lighthouse renovations and selling commemorative maritime and lighthouse gear.
Korstead said he has never seen the lighthouse or set foot in Fall River. He plans to come to Fall River next month to see his new purchase.
And: “It is a lighthouse,” he said. “That’s what I want it to be.”
Farewell, then, to the fanciful tale of the Nevada lawyer and his delusion of producing "40 barrels" of novelty beer a week from the water collected in the lighthouse's cistern -- and selling those "barrels" in an already saturated indie beer market in order "to pay for the upkeep of the building."
And that website that the Korsteads operate -- U.S. Light House Establishment -- is a great find.(I handled, packed, cataloged, and shlepped maritime artifacts last century, so the site cues my memories of dusty greasy whale oil lamp wicktrimmers and lighthouse lenses that had been used as ashtrays. Plus: when you buy that genuine sou'wester, you help save a lighthouse. Or at least keep the Korsteads busy.)
I'd advise shipmates to go to the Keeper's Locker page (available by clicking on the words "Keeper's Locker").
Oh, and there's this:


Charles said...

You have been ever so much less boatier lately. I don't even recall you mentioning talk like a pirate day. And thanks for not encouraging the start of a new micro-brew. How many more half-assed IPAs do we need that taste like a pine tree air freshener?

PJ said...

Now Charles, don't tell me that you haven't tried Half-Assed IPA and its companion Pinetree Air Freshener Lambic.

Charles said...

Hey, we ship those! Unfortunately I have tried them. There isn't enough weasel in me to be able to say good things about them, so I'm not in sales. Not long ago the Mrs. booked us on a beer tour of Portland, ME. When asked for my thoughts I had to tell one of the brewmasters that his HefeScheizen was "nice and cold!"