Friday, December 31, 2010


  • Why are so many online journals, sites, or "blogs" relatively quiet? Once upon a time, folk were nearly hourly keyboard-jockeying their link-filled and .jpg-attached way into the view of millions with Internet access. Now -- except in the case of some superior products -- an infrequent dab of benign personal observations suffice.
  • Speaking for myself and this Journal, I derive satisfaction from the shortform of social media (see the Facebook widget on the port rail?) and I grew tired of mocking local broadcasters, publications, and websites whose owners and operators neglect standards and spelling and grammar. Pointing out examples of the SouthCoast aversion to quality is, in the admonition of the old saw, like teaching a pig to sing.
  • It frustrates you and annoys the pig.
  • Taking swats at the low-hanging fruit of wretched SouthCoastery is a frustrating practice since the stink is uncompromising. For every suggestion of a dictionary, there are three dozen who say that "speling dont mean shit." For each nod to widely-accepted higher principles, there are shuddering intimations of stultifying parochialism.
  • This year, we discovered that people who Google™ themselves misread, misconstrue, and just misunderstand a post and subsequently connive some narcissistic masquerade. To no positive end.
  • I made the same mistake in my online journalizing that maddeningly amateur board members and business owners of The SouthCoast make. You don't just make it up as you go, no matter how clever you are at self-invention or diligent you are at self-policing.
  • Clumsy governance, inept fundraising, and slipshod marketing are not rendered any more legitimate by posting on your portico a smug handbill anouncing "That's the way it's done here." No amount of awkward excuses and contextless explanations will save your doomed idea.
  • I no longer have the inclination to profile and analyze the individuals who comprise the low-balling, miscalculating, unlettered and unfettered SouthCoast powers that be (or the more widely manifest SouthCoast term, "powers to be").
  • Putting an over privileged brat on a schooner in order to "instill confidence" only creates a confident overprivileged brat.
  • I'll address, in the way that I can, the growing poverty rate that effects children in this country, rather than kowtowing to obviously well-fed brats.
  • Or maybe Planned Parenthood.
An obligatory Julianne Moore, who works with Save The Children. And animals.

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