Friday, January 7, 2011


  • I would have invited folk to stately Goon Manor for a convivial festival commemorating another one of my birthdays, but the valiant hovel remuddlers have given me an early present: SCAFFOLDING! And it's RIGHT IN THE WAY!
  • Try to celebrate appropriately, however is customary in your burg.
  • In some markets, this means, of course, wishing Katie Couric a "Happy Birthday."
  • The ''Chicago Manual of Style'' number from the musical ''Chicago.'' I avoid this eventuality with every ounce of my being.
  • Here's a picture of Lea Thompson, though. Because it's my birthday.
  • That's a Shure Super-something-or-other.
  • As I have learned, one cannot constantly grind away at relentless resistance and recuse. Nor should one feel confident about one's legitimacy in broadcasting when leaving uncomfortable dead air, not using the intro to do time/temp/innuendo, and speaking over the vocals.
  • I do not intend to read Moby-Dick this weekend. For fourteen years, the Old Dartmouth Historical Society has hosted a reading ("Twenty-Five Hours of 'Dick") by a confederacy of Herman Melville fans and scholars and appreciative readers, including your ThirdMate -- for at least five of those years.
  • All right, once, I got bumped by a heavy hitter museum donator or something and once had to read an entire page in costume, but I was there. Even directed staged readings of Chapter 40 ("Midnight, Forecastle") which they are also doing tomorrow for what some guy said is the first time. Coffee? Yes. Yes, it is.
  • Besides the coffee that tasted like hot dogs that first time I attended, refreshments included "grog" that was some manner of bug juice and pastries that were meant to be evocative of hard tack. It was all very proper since the docents who ran the affair were all very conscientious but were neglectful of the need for huge doses of caffeine by people who breathe anywhere near them.''Whatever shall one do with that inebriated seafarer?'' This year's lubberly marketing (despite surely authorizing the spoiler-filled "when to read" article in the S-T that doesn't even mention my favorite chapter while sharing quotes from staffers who seem a little tipsy) features various posters that present conflicting imagery (as if the publicity staff just couldn't decide). But they get the times right for all of the appurtenant fol-de-rol, and it appears to be a swell time for the kids around whom all things must be devised.
  • The most fun -- for folks watching at home via live streaming technology and Tweeting on Twitter, the most useless of all social media -- will be the erstwhile readers who mispronounce industry jargon like "bowline" and "boatswain" and "forecastle" and "top-gallant sail." T'sheasy to shound like a shailor when you read 'sheet home the staysail' at 3:15 in the morning the word ''
  • I also already read Moby-Dick this year. On Tuesday January 3, the 170th anniversary of Herman Mellville's leaving of New Bedford on the whaler Acushnet. When you were supposed to.

(This presentation includes pictures of Katherine Anne Couric, Lea Thompson, Jan Sterling, Leslie Brooks, and Lindsay Lohan. Enjoy my birthday!)


bitterandrew said...

A happy belated birthday to you, intrepid mariner!

PJ said...

I hope you enjoyed the day!