Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apponogansett Tommy 2011

We're still not sure why he's even outside
Apponogansett Tommy reminds people that the gig is up. That Pennsylvania marmota monax has been finally widely exposed as a mere woodchuck by newscasters and other fake journalists who can't find anything else to say about the deplorable parading of "Punxawillywhateverthehell." Apponogansett Tommy counts forty-six days from today until the Vernal Equinox. Go ahead and count'em yourself. For yourself. (Roughly six and a half weeks left in the season of Winter.)
Tommy's personal tender admits that the meteorologically-inclined mammal "doesn't hibernate so much as indulge in a felicitous lifestyle that involves lengthy napping periods. That lifestyle also includes eating, staring intently at absolutely nothing on that wall casing, observing the insides of his eyelids, and eating."
Why did you tell them that?

Apponogansett Tommy snores.


JP Burke said...

Today I learned that cats can count better than marmots.

PJ said...

Groundhogs can estimate the approximate length of certain seasonal periods of time.

A cat will remind you -- with uncanny accuracy to the very minute -- when dinnertime is.

Charles said...

No more recycling images - get your ass outside and take a picture in the snow before it's all washed away.