Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Month of Debruary it is, then...

''Debbie'' with an ''E''Bitterandrew at Armagideon Time, has devoted this -- granted, modest -- month to celebrating Cycling, en pointe.the funny paper perturbations of Debbi Anderson. Daisy Duke. When Uncle Jesse was a kid.Since the Date With Debbi corner has been taken (it's actually the intersection of Archieclone Lane and Womenslib Groove),Same facility with a toy......or a toy poodle. I've rooted around the barn and found some old postcards that the workers have tacked up, some of which feature people yclept some-Deb-or-other.Spring Training begins in Debruary.Since this Journal is late to the table, I'll have to pile on a bit of Reynolds here. That ball again.Out of deference (or debference, possibly) to our friend, I share the spirit of Debruary, Worst picture of Debbie Reynolds ever.if not the actuality.Is that nine?

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